Forklift Operators earn an average of 40,000 per year. This job constantly has many openings, and you’d be surprised just how quick and easy it is to become a forklift operator. In Australia, every company requires its requirements, licences, and courses to be considered for a forklift operator job. Although every company has their own requirements, they have some similarities. Down below, you will see three quick and easy steps on how to become a forklift operator in Australia.

  1. Research what a forklift operator is

This step may seem insignificant, but it is very important! While the title ‘Forklift Operator’ states exactly what you will be doing, it does not go into specifics. A forklift operator is in charge of properly and safely using various lifting equipment to transport multiple heavy loads across long spaces. Forklift operators also work in all kinds of locations, including both indoors and outdoor spaces, this information is important to note to ensure that being a forklift driver is right for you.

2. Check Off The Requirements Needed

As stated above, every company has their own wants and needs for forklift operators. Although this is correct, many employers look for a few keys and crucial licenses and certifications to be considered for this position. One of the forklift operators requirements is a High-Risk Work licence. This license is given and distributed by WorkSafe. Forklift drivers and operators typically work with high-powered machines that can be dangerous and cause harm if not used.

This license does not take long but is a great first step in becoming a trained forklift operator. Not only are the machines and forklift technology dangerous, but the environments can be too. Warehouses are full of heavy objects that are not carefully strapped and put away, can cause harm to the employee, the machines, and the products.

In order to obtain this High-Risk Work licence, it is required that you are at least eighteen years old and can take courses and training in a local TAFE college. This training is important and needed to successfully become a forklift operator.

Keep in mind; however, every company is different and will require and want other pieces of training and courses completed. Be sure to check the qualifications needed before applying for a job as a forklift operator.

3. Apply For a Forklift Operator Job

After you have finished all of the requirements and made sure that you have all of the necessary materials, start the application process. Typically the application process for forklift operator jobs is quick since this job is high in demand. Once you start work, you may be placed in a training period where you learn the companies rules and regulations on their forklifts and lifting equipment.